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Map Interface for Classification

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Map Interface for 2016

Zoom In to See Radar Images Centered on Tornado Reports

Click on an image and choose a classification in the pop up menu. If you want information on the different classes, please examine the tutorial. These data are not saved on the server and will disappear if you do not download a CSV file (click Export Table to CSV File). We ask that you optionally send the CSV file to to add to the crowdsourced classification repository. Identifying information will never be published, and anonymous emails are accepted. There is no obligation to do this, and you are free to use the data how you wish. The UNID field can be used to join with the SVRGIS data here: 2016 CSV

Please send CSV to to add to crowdsourced classifications.

Note: Identifying information will never be made public and anonymous emails are accepted.

UNID Class Code Class Name
YYYYMMMDDmmz123456789 (Example) 0 Cellular